Unit 2 Study Guide

The test for this unit will take place on Wednesday September 5, 2012.


  • Multiple Choice (25)
    • Part of this section will include a passage from one of the three stories along with some multiple choice questions that are AP style.
  • Essay (1) - the essay must be written in the proper format with an introduction, body of evidence, and a conclusion of some kind.
  • The test is worth 100 points.

Items to Study

  • Literary Devices - parallelism, restatement, rhetorical question, repetition, chiasmus, polysyndeton, asyndeton, ethos, logos, pathos, loaded words
    • In the multiple-choice section there will be questions that include quotes. For the quote you will need to pick the correct literary device that is being used or the correct form of persuasion. Make sure that you read the question to go along with the quote so that you know what you are picking. Also, remember that quotes can have more than one literary device. The easiest ones to pair would be parallelism and one other form of repetition. The same goes for the persuasive techniques, there can be more than one of them in a quote.
    • Just because simile, metaphor, personification, oxymoron, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, and understatement are in a different chapter does not mean that they will not show up on this test as well.
  • Chapter 6 from the Crash book
    • This will show up in the multiple-choice section.
    • Look closely at pages 64-69 and be able to define the literary devices. There will be samples of them on the test that you will have to identify.
    • Page 71-72 - look specifically at the propaganda techniques
  • "The Declaration of Independence"
    • SOAPST - pay close attention to the fact that there are two major aspects here, ones intended for King George III and ones intended for the colonists.
    • There are 18 reasons of justification, make sure you look at the 8 that I had you highlight.
    • What types of persuasive techniques does Jefferson use? Why?
  • "Letter from Birmingham Jail"
    • SOAPST - Pay close attention to his tone, purpose, and occasion
    • What types of persuasive techniques does King Jr. use? Why?
    • How does he justify being able to break the law? How does he does he break the law?
    • Is his argument affect and/or effective? Why?
  • "A Modest Proposal"
    • SOAPST - pay close attention to tone, occasion, and purpose (look at the fact that this is intended for both the British landowners and Irish peasants)
    • What three ways does Swift break up the argument? Why does he do it this way?
    • What is he trying to satirize? Why?
    • What are his six reasons/forms of justification that he uses to support his claim? Which group of people is each claim aimed toward?
    • How does his tone and argument appear to fall apart in the final paragraph?
  • Connections - the essay will come from this section.
    • How does each of the pieces of literature connect to one another? Why?
      • "The Declaration of Independence" vs. "A Modest Proposal"
      • "The Declaration of Independence" vs. "Letter from Birmingham Jail"
      • Do all three of them connect? How? Why?
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