Speech Project

Here is the website for the list of speeches - http://www.americanrhetoric.com/top100speechesall.html

Project Requirements

  • Pick a speech from the list of the Top 100 speeches.
    • You must sign up for a speech on Wed. 9/12
    • No one can do the same speech, so be prepared with a couple of choices
  • You are allowed to work in groups of up to two students.
    • Each student must be an active part of the presentation.
  • Plan accordingly because there will not be any in class time for this project.
  • Make a PowerPoint Presentation that covers the following aspects of your speech.
    • SOAPST
    • Methods of Persuasion
      • This must include some form of logical, emotional, or ethical appeal
      • Give evidence to support your claims
      • Propaganda techniques should also be included if they are used.
    • Examples of at least two rhetorical devices
  • Their should be at least eight slides in your presentation.
    • Include pictures
    • Can include audio, but you must include the files or link to them as part of your presentation.
  • Bring it to class on the day of the presentation, do not e-mail it to yourself and expect to have it ready during class. The Internet might be down that day. If you e-mail it to me the night before I can upload it to my computer.

Presentation Requirements

  • Time – 5-10 minutes
  • Go through your PowerPoint Presentation
  • Time must be divided evenly amongst group members.
  • Look up, do not lean, clarity of voice, eye contact


  • Due Date – Tuesday 9/25
    • Groups will sign up for a particular order on Tuesday 9/18
    • Everyone must be ready to present on the first day
  • Presentations Dates - 9/25-9/27
  • Grade - 50 points
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