Forum Instructions

Below you will find instructions on how to post messages to the Forums.

  • Click on the word "Forum" on the top menu bar. This will take you to the forum pages.

Types of Forum Posts

  • Weekly Assigned Posts
    • Click on the "Literature Discussions" or "Language Example" link. This will take you to the section where you will make the weekly posts.
    • To create a new thread click on the appropriate link and follow the instructions.
    • If you want to reply to a thread that is already in place then click on the title of the thread and then on the button labeled "new post".
  • Questions about assignments
    • If you have any questions about an assignment or about the class in general then click on the "Assignment Questions" link. This is where you would either begin a new thread or add to a thread that is relevant to your questions.

Writing a Forum Entry

  • Each entry must be well thought out, in complete sentences, and at least a paragraph in length.
  • Proofread! Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are the bare minimum that is expected of you. Yes, you are graded on your contributions to the forum. Make it good.
  • When you post a question, it needs to be thematic or based on characterization, style, or language, not about the plot. Remember, if I can point to one page that gives the only right answer, then your question is too literal. Responses should include textual support.
  • If your responses or questions do not fit this criteria, please submit a revision.
  • If you see incorrect information in a post, politely rebut it with textual evidence.
  • Remember that as you post your responses, textual evidence (quotes and page numbers) is required.
  • Keep short comments to a minimum. This is not your facebook page, it is not a place for you to chat with your friends.
  • Your posts should offer a new thought or idea to everyone in the group, if you don't have anything to add, don't post.
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