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Independent Reading Critical Reading Journal
This is where the critical reading journal assignments will take place.
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88by Shahan AShahan A
28 Dec 2012 07:00Jump!
88by Preny AyvazianPreny Ayvazian
08 Jan 2013 06:10Jump!
78by kristineAkristineA
08 Jan 2013 06:58Jump!
99by Khajag BornazyanKhajag Bornazyan
26 Dec 2012 19:26Jump!
88by GeoAnnieGeoAnnie
05 Jan 2013 07:50Jump!
89by geysimongeysimon
07 Jan 2013 07:18Jump!
88by Maria GoulumianMaria Goulumian
06 Jan 2013 05:00Jump!
88by AddamsFamilyAddamsFamily
06 Jan 2013 22:59Jump!
88by Talar HovhannisianTalar Hovhannisian
05 Jan 2013 05:38Jump!
88by Hagop KalandjianHagop Kalandjian
05 Jan 2013 20:27Jump!
88by RosieKRosieK
04 Jan 2013 02:28Jump!
88by VivianKVivianK
12 Dec 2012 06:45Jump!
88by gkekejiangkekejian
26 Dec 2012 21:02Jump!
88by KKeurjikianKKeurjikian
06 Jan 2013 06:43Jump!
78by AliKhachAliKhach
06 Jan 2013 23:20Jump!
98by KlianKlian
07 Jan 2013 01:24Jump!
88by kodjaniankodjanian
06 Jan 2013 06:38Jump!
88by andre kandre k
06 Jan 2013 05:42Jump!
88by Angel - AAngel - A
08 Jan 2013 07:08Jump!
88by AnnniiiiiAnnniiiii
08 Jan 2013 04:01Jump!
88by Sam SahagianSam Sahagian
08 Jan 2013 01:19Jump!
99by Ani TankazyanAni Tankazyan
08 Jan 2013 02:20Jump!
88by Arsen TchaghlassianArsen Tchaghlassian
05 Jan 2013 08:16Jump!
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This category holds per-page comment threads
Deleted forum discussions should go here.
2011-2012 AP Language Discussions
This is the main forum discussion area for the AP English Language & Composition class.
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This is for the weekly forum homework assignments.
This is for the weekly language samples/examples.
439by Nanor KNanor K
28 Nov 2011 03:52Jump!
This is for any general questions relating to assignments, class specifics, and anything else you can think about.

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