Flash Cards

Quiz # 1 will cover the list of items below. Each of these items comes from the Analyzing the Passage section of the flash cards. The break down of categories listed below might help you to study more easily for the quiz.

  • Purpose - entertain, explain, explore, inform, persuade
  • Point of View - first person, limited narrator, omniscient, third person
  • SOAPST - speaker, occasion, context (like occasion), audience, purpose, shift (like tone)
  • Structure - introduction, format, conclusion, cite, body, topic sentence, thesis, transitions, paragraph hooks, exposition, coherence, narrative examples, unity, pace, voice, conventions, position, atmosphere
  • Rhetorical Strategies - arrangement, cause and effect, chronological order, classification and division, compare and contrast, description, emphatic order, exemplification, general to specific, pro and con, spatial, reflective
  • Explication - evidence, bias, common knowledge, definition, contrast, traditional devices, close reading, motif, ambiguity, in media res, personal experience, anachronism, hortatory, retrospection, narration, punctuation, dialogue, data, anecdotal evidence

Grammar Section # 1 will cover the list of items below. Each of these items come from the Grammar section of the flash cards.

  • subject, abstract noun, concrete noun, collective noun, pronoun, antecedent, and agreement
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