Death Of A Salesman

Over the holiday vacation you are required to read the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. Once you have read the play, then you must complete up to two projects from the project sheet that is here. The project is worth 50 points, meaning that you must pick up to two projects that equal that amount. The only projects that are off limits are the ones that you completed for the Summer Reading Projects. This means if you already wrote a test, then you cannot write that again.

Due Date: Monday January 9, 2012
Grade: 50 points
Test Date: Tuesday January 10, 2012

Study Guide

  • Format:
    • Fill-in the Blank (10) - with a word bank
    • True / False (7) - the false will need to be corrected
    • Short Answer (6) - answer them in complete sentences
    • Quotes (3) - There will be four quotes on the test, but you will only need to discuss three. Giving the speaker will be extra credit.
  • Items to Study:
    • Characters - all of them, but especially the Loman family
    • Main Aspects - below is a list of important aspects, but the test is not limited to these
      • Willy's attempts at suicide (all of them…there are at least 3 tries)
      • Willy's relationship with each family member
      • Biff's lack of a job
      • Happy is always "happy" and trying to please people
      • Linda as the "typical" stay at home mom during the time period
      • The American Dream - how is it used in the play
      • Willy's mistress
      • The flash backs - what does this show us about the Loman family?
      • Willy's job
      • The funeral at the end
      • Charlie and Bernard - how does the Loman family interact with this family? How is this family the "perfect" family?
      • How has society changed around Willy and his house?
    • Themes/Conflicts
      • Individual vs. Self
      • Individual vs. Society
      • The American Dream
      • Appearances vs. Reality
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