Mrs. Mashelle Kirkman

Professional Biography

I am a graduate of UCLA with a bachelor's degree in American Literature and Culture Studies. I have been teaching English to high school students for seven years. I have taught World Literature, American Literature, British Literature, SAT Prep, College Writing, Journalism, AP English Literature & Composition, and am taking on an AP English Language & Composition class for the first time this year. Before I became a teacher I was a Corporate Trainer and Human Resources Manager for Pacific Theatres/ArcLight Cinemas where I worked for ten years.


I enjoy reading books of all genres and discussing them with my students. I feel very satisfied when I can actually get a student to read a book that they might enjoy that is not assigned to them. I am also interested in computers, music, working out, writing, crocheting, and video games. My favorite movie is The Godfather and I collect Mr. Potatohead toys. I am very creative and colorful while taking things seriously. This can be hard at times, but I enjoy what I do.

I can be reached via e-mail at moc.seitilaer-tla|namkrikm#moc.seitilaer-tla|namkrikm or gro.sobilip|namkrikm#gro.sobilip|namkrikm.

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